South Africans reflect on Everyday Changemakers in Urban Ministry

“Subversion, creativity, and sustainability” is the theme for 14th Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry hosted by The Institute for Urban Ministry. The Consultation will be held 24th-26th of August, 2022 in Pretoria, South Africa.

The event proposes to think about the coronavirus pandemic and its negative impact on multitudes of individuals, families and communities around the world, in parallel with the action of everyday changemakers who created pathways of subversion, creativity, and sustainability, opening up pockets of transformation in our cities.

Join the 14th Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry, 24th-26th of August, 2022 in Pretoria, South Africa. Please register at this link:

Registration fees are R750 for attendees from the continent of Africa and R1500 for all others. The organizers are committed to making the Urban Consultation accessible to all, regardless of means, so if you require a subsidy, please email They also welcome contributions if you are a church, organisation, individual, or other who would like to sponsor additional registrations.

For more information, please check out our website:
If you have any questions before you fill out this form, please contact the Consultation Director, Jennifer Lee, at or +27 65 896 0327 (WhatsApp).

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The Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT) is an academic research partnership that promotes theological contributions on public issues, especially those issues affecting the poor, the marginalized and the environment in a glocal (global-local) context.

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