New GNPT Protocol approved

The GNPT Business Meeting at the VI Consultation in Curitiba, Brazil, revised and approved a new protocol. The document has six points and explain the aims and intentions, membership, executive, decision-making, triennial consultation and global host. The most notable change is the new category of Associate Membership. This category was originally for emerging Higher EducationContinue reading “New GNPT Protocol approved”

Curitiba receives VI GNPT Consultation

After three years and overcoming alarming numbers of COVID-19 cases, the Global Network Public Theology has come together again. The sixth GNPT Consultation takes place at the Pontifical University of Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil, organized by the Pos-Graduate Program in Theology of the School of Education and Humanities, from October 3rd to 6th. The event,Continue reading “Curitiba receives VI GNPT Consultation”

CTI Announcing call for aplications

The Center of Theological Inquiry (CTI) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA invites theologians doing research on human thriving to apply for a cross-training program in psychology. The Call is for full-time faculty asking the question: “What makes for human thriving?” The Center of Theological Inquiry is a research center for visiting scholar. We foster theology’sContinue reading “CTI Announcing call for aplications”

New primer – state of the art on Public Theology in the Global North

Professors from Radboud University, Netherlands, Christoph Hübenthal and Christiane Alpers edited theT&T Clark Handbook of Public Theology. This is an introduction to Public Theology through various philosophical and theological positions. Distinguishing public theology from political theology as well as liberation theology, this book clarifies central terms such as ‘public sphere’, ‘the secular’ and ‘post-secularity’ toContinue reading New primer – state of the art on Public Theology in the Global North

Youtube playlist of the Center for Religion in Society webinars now available

The Centre for Religion in Society (CRiS) at York St. John University was established in 2008. Led by Professor Esther McIntosh, a member of the current GNPT Executive, the Centre provides a forum where scholars, in particular from the disciplines of Theology and Religious Studies, but also from other disciplines in the humanities and socialContinue reading “Youtube playlist of the Center for Religion in Society webinars now available”

South Africans reflect on Everyday Changemakers in Urban Ministry

“Subversion, creativity, and sustainability” is the theme for 14th Biennial Consultation on Urban Ministry hosted by The Institute for Urban Ministry. The Consultation will be held 24th-26th of August, 2022 in Pretoria, South Africa. The event proposes to think about the coronavirus pandemic and its negative impact on multitudes of individuals, families and communities aroundContinue reading “South Africans reflect on Everyday Changemakers in Urban Ministry”

Informations on the 2022 GNPT meeting

On July 1st, the organization of the VI GNPT Consultation released information about the event, which will take place from October 3rd to 6th, at PUCPR, in Curitiba, Brazil. According to the circular letter, registrations can be made through the link, at the cost of “EUR 150.00 (R$ 820.00) and R$ 150.00 for residentsContinue reading “Informations on the 2022 GNPT meeting”

New issue of IJPT prepares VI GNPT Consultation

Comprising a series of works, including original articles and book reviews, the International Journal of Public Theology, the scientific journal of the Global Network for Public Theology, reaches its 16th volume. The publication, conceived by Prof. Dr. Rudolf von Sinner and Prof. Dr. Jefferson Zeferino, Chair and Vice-Chair of the GNPT Executive, respectively, highlights theContinue reading “New issue of IJPT prepares VI GNPT Consultation”

von Sinner in HCIAS Public Lecture

The Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS) announces a Public Lecture, on May,3 4:15pm (CET), with Rudolf von Sinner (PUCPR, Brazil) about “Pandemic Religion in Brazil – socio-political perceptions and public theological reflections”. The event is aviable online via the Zoom plataform. HCIAS Public LectureMay 3, 4:15 PM (CET)Pandemic Religion in Brazil – socio-political perceptionsContinue reading “von Sinner in HCIAS Public Lecture”