The 2019 conference in Bamberg

September 23rd–26th, 2019 “Place and Space: Theological perspectives on living in the world” Consultation of the Global Network for Public Theology at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Research-Centre for Public Theology, University of Bamberg Conference report by Dr Calvin D. Ullrich One might say that one of the challenges of ‘Public Theologies of Space and Place’ is to resist,Continue reading “The 2019 conference in Bamberg”

From Stellenbosch to Bamberg

Handing over leadership of the Global Network for Public Theology. Prof Wabel will serve as the hosting chair of the next Global Network for Public Theology Consultation that will take place in Bamberg in 2019. Dr Dion Forster who served as the acting host Chair, on behalf of Prof Dr Nico Koopman, received the Indonesian batik cloth,Continue reading “From Stellenbosch to Bamberg”