Keynote lectures

VI GNPT Consultation | 03–06/Oct/2022 | Curitiba

Public Theologies in Vibrating Cities: Precious and Precarious

Cyril Hovorun

Symphonia with Civil Society

Cyril Hovorun (University College Stockholm) 

Eastern Christianity, during the centuries of its existence in the shadows of empires, preferred to have as its main partner the state. The church’s special relationship with the state has been called “symphonia.” During the twentieth century, Orthodox churches continued cultivating symphonic relationship with civil authorities, which often led to supporting various forms of dictatorship. The recent war in Ukraine demonstrates how dangerous such a support can be. An alternative to the symphonia between the church and the state is needed. This can be a symphonia between the church and civil society. The paper explores possible features of such symphonia.

Richard Kearney

Cities and Tents

Professor Kearney (Boston College) 

My talk will address the legacy of Abraham’s encounter with the strangers at Mamre. In addition to offering a reflection on the famous moment of hospitality in Genesis, the talk will also reflect on the Jewish and Christian readings of this inaugural scene of divine-human relations. The question will be asked: how does such an Abrahamic hermeneutics of hosting apply to the social and political question of home and homelessnes today.