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We are the largest network of higher education institutions researching public theology. We bring together research centers and postgraduate courses from five continents. Interested institutions should contact us.

Welcome to the web presence of the Global Network for Public Theology! As a network with member institutions from all continents, we foster scholarly exchange about the contribution of Christianity to public discourse in such diverse fields as social ethics, environmental ethics, and political ethics. Research within the network focuses on the respective regional, cultural, social, and political contexts in which churches and academic theologians work in their countries and on the bearing these contexts have on theology.

Photo: Prof. Dr Rudolf von Sinner (Curitiba, Brazil) hands over the GNPT batik cloth to the new hosts, Prof. Dr Sebastian Kim and Prof. Dr Matthew Kaemingk (Pasadena, CA, USA) during the 2022 consultation at Curitiba.

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The International Journal of Public Theology, affiliated with the Global Network for Public Theology, is a platform for original inter/transdisciplinary research in field of public theology seeks to be in creative dialogue with different academic disciplines, including politics, economics, law and security studies, cultural studies, religion, spirituality, the natural science and the social sciences and the study of globalization.



Expanding the network

The GNPT is a network of higher education institutions that offer postgraduate programs or do research in public theology. Therefore, if your institution is one of higher education and offers postgraduate program or do research in public theology, its may become a GNPT member. Interested institutions have to be nominated by a member.

Please send a message indicating your interest. A regional representative of the board is able to help you with questions regarding expectations and hopes for a membership and to find a member institution that could support the nomination your research institutions.

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