New GNPT Protocol approved

The GNPT Business Meeting at the VI Consultation in Curitiba, Brazil, revised and approved a new protocol. The document has six points and explain the aims and intentions, membership, executive, decision-making, triennial consultation and global host.

The most notable change is the new category of Associate Membership. This category was originally for emerging Higher Education Institutional Centres and designated programmes in public theology. Now, it is for initiatives that work at the interface of theory and practice in the perspective of a public theology, with or without a formal link to a Higher Education Institution.

New members need a recommendation from the Regional Representative and are subject to approval by the Executive and the endorsement of the next triennial Consultation. You can access the application form here.

Published by gnpublictheology

The Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT) is an academic research partnership that promotes theological contributions on public issues, especially those issues affecting the poor, the marginalized and the environment in a glocal (global-local) context.

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